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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  March 18, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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after allegedly down playing the crisis, japanese officials raise the nuclear threat level from four to five on 7-point scale. >> i'm janelle wang at u.c. berkeley, nuclear engineers says radiation particles from japan
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have reached the bay area. they detected it on the student monitors here, i'll tell you if you should be worried coming up. >> live look at golden gate bridge this morning. we've had rain and showers move through. i'm tracking two strong storms that will move through our area in three days. flooding is possible, hail, thunder, maybe power outages. >> road are wet. we've seen a couple of spinouts. >> and libya with frozen airspace after united nations security council votes to put a no-fly zone over the country. >> got some rain out there. possibly slick roads. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. let's talk about that. mike, what is going on? >> we have showers. we talked about showers ahead of the main line. that is exactly what we're dealing with. some of those are stronger and
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oranges on the radar but seeing some of this tape earned a not be quite as strong. in fact, we had a couple lightning bolts, as it's moving through santa rosa and st. helena, same thing around san rafael heading over 37 around novato and then heading over 37 toward vallejo. then light rain around san francisco, south bay is the east bay valleys is quiet but big picture we had strong storms up to the north. first, let's talk about the commute. >> earlier road work on the bay bridge and dumbarton has been cleared. east shore freeway, heading through the berkeley area, drive time from the carquinez bridge to the maze is about 19 minutes. highway 4 through the pittsburg area, right at railroad, couple
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lanes of blocked until 7:00. westbound out of antioch into concord there are no delays and mass transit, a great way to beat that wet commute. let's begin with the latest out japan, this morning, the prime minister called on the nation to unite in rebuilding the nation from scratch. nuclear crisis is worsening there. u.n. officials are calling a race against the clock. they are calling it that. this morning, the nuclear safety agency has raised the severity level at fukushima daiichi from a 4 to a 5 on a scale where 7 is the equivalent of chernobyl. they are asking u.s. officials for help. military fire trucks including one borrowed from the u.s. have reportedly been able to reach the cooling pool in building 3 with some water this morning. meanwhile, more than 16,000
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people have been confirmed dead or missing since the quake struck. now, the latest on the nuclear part of the crisis. >> japanese government officials are cautiously optimistic about the fukushima daiichi power plant in northern japan. they connected the cooling equipment to a diesel generator allowing them to pump sea water in. they expect to have another pump to cool another two. >> the work is continuing to put water into the power plant. at the same time, effort is going on to evaluate the results of yesterday's work. >> reporter: and the team continued operations at the facility's most troubled reactor. they doused number three with water cannons and dropped water from the air with helicopters. on thursday, president obama.
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>> even as responders continue to do heroic work, we know that the damage to the nuclear reactor at fukushima daiichi plant poses a substantial risk for people that are nearby. >> reporter: the u.s. pledged military and humanitarian support, as well. joining other nonprofit groups around the world. >> we are working aggressively to support our japanese allies at this time. search and rescue teams are on the ground to help recovery efforts. to date we have flown hundreds of mission to support the recovery efforts and distributed food and water to the japanese people. the firefighters have joined the ranked of heroes heading to the plant. the firefighters were given a grateful sendoff in tokyo. 139 of them volunteered for the mission. they will try to help cool
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number 3 plant. they will join workers who have been dubbed the fukushima 50, heroes that have worked at the plant trying to avert a meltdown. >> today scientists across the state will be checking radiation monitors to see if fallout from the crisis has come to california. u.c. berkeley researchers say it may be here but not in a big enough quantity to have an impact on our health. janelle? >> reporter: that's right. nuclear engineers at u.c. berkeley says radiation particles from the failing plant in japan have reached the bay area but don't be alarmed, the tiny particles are so small they pose no threat at all. engineers and students who saw them on monitors and been monitoring the readings since then. according to our partner they did find traces of radiation particles but very diffused and
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not harmful at all. one scientist you can get more radiation exposure on a flight. u.s. surgeon general said is also speaking as she tried to calm fears. >> reporter: this one model, forecast that the radiation plume from the failing reactor will reach california today but local experts say this map is very misleading. first of all there is no plume and second of all, you cannot predict how the weather is going to carry radiation particles over to the west coast if any at all. the federal government actually has 12 more advanced radiation monitors all over the state of california including one in san francisco and one in san jose and so far those monitors have not detected anything yet.
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coal prices are climbing. it's a case of supply and demand. customers buying cars like toyotas and hondas is now costing thousands of dollars of more. lilian kim reports. >> reporter: at toyota san rafael, there are 84 priuses. >> how long does that last you? >> that would be six week. >> it's a result of the disaster in japan. because of the uncertainty over supplies, many dealerships have raised their prices, some as much as 10%. >> some hundreds of dollars, some as much as thousands of dollars. >> for a fee, they can negotiate in dealerships throughout the state to find the best deal but
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these days it's challenging. >> for prius, four weeks, i'm looking for a blue prius, there would be a dozen to choose from. now, we're finding that there is only one or two. >> even u.s. automakers are affected. the crisis in japan has forced general motors to halt production at a pickup plant. no telling how long the situation will last. critics argue that they are speculating, using the disaster to raise prices. others are more understanding. >> i don't hold it against them at all. who knows, if they are not making any more cars, there will be a period of time they are not making any money. >> reporter: as for toyota marin, they have no plans to raise their prices. they say they are committed to sell cars at the stick are price >> we do what the customers want. caltrans says it's going to take at least a month to
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financing the last section of highway 1 near big sur. severe damage in the southbound make the road impasse be a. road crews have closed a two-mile section of highway one north of big sur. 13 years ago a section of the road closed to the collapse and cost $32 million to repair. >> trying to figure out why it happened. >> they have not found whatever evidence, we know that highway is prone to do that. >> we are getting a more rain on the way. >> and hercules heading to the north, right up 80, it's going to move into vallejo pretty soon and rain around san francisco and heading right across the bay bridge toward oakland and berkeley and piedmont. down in the south bay -- what rain? these storms are strong enough you will get a lot of rain this
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weekend. here is a look at the bulk of the storm but notice the radar returns are starting to down into mendocino county and it will move into the north bay by 8:00. we have a couple of hours of scattered showers and mild temperatures. temperatures this morning 4-15 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. 40s in fairfield, low 50s for the rest of us. rain moving into the north bay first, you'll be in mid to upper 50s. coolest there, rest of us in upper 50s to 60 degrees. accu-weather seven-day forecast, strongest storm will be sunday. the one on sunday will have the heaviest rain is when we'll see the most flooding. one to two inches is possible this weekend. good morning. we're starting in the south bay where it has been quiet so far this friday morning. here is a live look at san jose, 280 at the 17 overcrossing. no problems in the downtown san jose area but if you are
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commuting on 17, chp says drive slowly. they have issued a heavy rain advisory. in walnut creek, contra costa county, southbound 680, no delays into the san ramon valley. but a spinout in solano, on the ramp to 680 but not blocking any lanes yet. thank you so much. it's now 5:12. >> still ahead, the affect the disaster in japan is halving on general mortgages m zblrts and imposing fines on pg&e for not producing documents, it could reach one million dollars a day. >> the u.n. green lights a @ñ@x@x@x@x@x@x@x@x@x
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning, we begin with strong finish for the week for japanese stocks, nikkei jumped 3% as other nations joined forces to help stabilize the value of the yen. general motors is stopping production at a pickup plant in louisiana next week because of a shortage of parts from japan. the plant makes the gmc canyon and chevrolet colorado. oil prices shot up above $103 a barrel after they authorize the use of force in libya. fierce fighting has cut most of
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the output there. the government is suing three top executives from washington mutual. they are accused of reckless mortgage lending that contributed to the financial crisis. i'm rob nelson. britain announced this morning it will send fighter jets in the coming hours to help enforce a no-fly zone. yesterday united nations security council authorized to use all necessary forces to protect civilians in libya. >> four decades of muammar khadafy's rule in libya is now challenged with a unanimous vote. >> vote in favor. >> u.n. security council voted for a no-fly zone over libya all necessary force. >> its cease-fire and complete end of violence and attacks
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against civilians. >> reporter: it comes after weeks of resolutions resistance after khadafy supporters gained momentum. he said we are coming, we are looking for the traitors and shall have month mercy or compassion. the final assault have started. khadafy's son says his family is not afraid. >> what is your father's reaction to the resolution that was just taken? >> it's unfair. because as you know from the beginning, we proved to everybody there was no air strikes against civilians. >> reporter: people celebrated the news of the no-fly zone announcement. the u.n. resolution bans ground forces from clerg libya.
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muammar khadafy says he will respond to any attack. >> state regulators appear to be following up to punish pg&e for the san bruno explosion. they have drafted an order to impose heavy fines on the utility for failure to provide documents. the order was made after the september 9th explosion killed 8 people and destroyed three dozen homes. pg&e could face fines up to a million dollars a day. puc will vote next week and pg&e will have a few days to show why they shouldn't be fined. >> the question i have for you, will the rain be with us all day? >> no. but when it comes in one to two hour window and two-hour where it be heaviest. sunday storms are looking even wetter than this one. ground is saturated. >> so if you want to ski,
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probably saturday. >> is are the would be the best day to get up there. >> let's take a look outside, we'll have the forecast coming up in about 20 minutes. let's focus in on the embarcadero, light rain falling, you can see the shine any road from the water that has cooled during the overnight showers that moved through. let's take a look, north bay, heavier showers from novato and sonoma and napa and american canyon, these are going to continue heading to the northeast, vacaville, rain in the next couple of minutes. tiburon, belvedere and heading up to san rafael, hercules and pinole and moving through half moon bay, moss beach, this is going to climb over the mountains, wood acre, foster city even up to san carlos. temperatures 49 in fairfield and low 50s elsewhere.
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monterey, low to mid 40s. rainy and breezy, isolated thunder, on-and-off showers tomorrow with small hail and high elevation snow and a stronger storm for sunday. today's temperatures will be in the upper 50s in no, sir areas where the rain hits first, upper 50s. scattered showers around monterey bay and you'll have low to even mid-50s inland. waves of showers tonight but mid 30s cloverdale, low to mid 40s for the rest of us. very vigorous storm system, you see those freckled clouds behind it you know it's quite a temperature contrast working there. by 8:00 they are moving into the north bay, by noon the heart of the bay and by 3:00 or they are out of the south bay. even the snow developing on mount hamilton and mount
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st. helena. scattered showers, become a little less numerous during the afternoon hours. so if you are playing baseball, you may be able to get your games in. look at the strintdz of this storm, yellows and oranges when it moves through which happens from 8:00 to about 2:00. that will be the heavier rain that is also the rain that will cause some flooding. look at the rain totals, inch in the south bay. three inches in the santa cruz mountains and one to two inches of rain around the rest of the bay. we'll kick up high surf until 9:00 tomorrow evening, 14 foot waves. and it doesn't let up. monday, tuesday, wednesday, third, rain in the forecast rain in the forecast every single day. spring showers, definitely. good morning. roads are wet but other than a couple of isolated spinouts, we
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haven't had any major accidents. quiet friday morning commute. live look at sm san mateo bridge. >> let's get a live look from san rafael. taillights are moving out of novato toward 580. drive time from 37 to 580 about nine minutes. and golden gate bridge, it's a wet and quiet ride making your way into san francisco. mass transit, everything is operating on schedule. for the latest go to our website and click on the traffic link. >> thank you. it's 5:22. >> next, a district attorney in the east bay prepares to dismiss a dozen cases stemming from the investigation into the contra costa county task force. >> also an uphill climb, new business takingm rob nelson. [ female announcer ] finally, a hand sanitizer that won't dry out your hands.
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it's 5:25. fallout from the investigation
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into the contra costa county task force. the district attorney's office says it will dismiss dozen cases involving arrests involved from nor man welch, both welch and butler are charged with stealing drugs from the office. people will soon be climbing the walls shut down san jose nightclub. the club had lots of trouble including a new year's eve fight in which one woman attacked another woman. >> next at 5:30, japan's leaders raise the threat level. >> and more on the overheating reactor. >> and live at u.c. berkeley, small traces of radiation may
5:27 am
have reached the bay area already. that is according to nuclear scientists here but you should not be worried. i'll have more after the break. >> and speaking of already, already flight arrival delays at 88 minutes at sfo and heaviest rain is not even here yet. pacific flights, check them with our flight tracker.
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japanese officials raise the nuclear threat level as they continue nonstop battle to cool an overheated reactors at nuclear plant. >> national experts say radiation from the failing reactor in japan may reach california today but experts here at u.c. berkeley say, it already has. >> and while it looks quiet
5:30 am
around san francisco, we had a shower move through and tracking several showers for the morning commute. big story, two strong storms within three days. >> good morning. roads are wet, seen several spinouts and advisory for commuters in the santa cruz mountains. >> it's 5:30. good morning. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. >> topping the news, nuclear regulatory commission will make a review of the safety of all u.s. nuclear plants. >> president obama took the step and called for the review in light of the crisis in japan. u.n. officials are calling the japanese situation a race against the clock. this morning, japan raised the severity level of the fukushima daiichi plant from a four to five on a scale 7 is chernobyl. they are asking for u.s. officials for help after the dangerously overheated plant including a military fire truck
5:31 am
borrowed from the u.s. new counts show that 16,000 people have been confirmed dead or missing since the quake and tsunami a week ago. now, the latest from japan. >> reporter: it's an all out battle to save the fukushima daiichi plant. friday, crews went in for high pressure water cannons in an attempt to cool it down and avert a meltdown. it came a day after crews went in with helicopters dropping 30 tons of sea water. that did little to cool down reactors at the site and today officials said they would not resume aerial operations for now. 300 men are working around the clock to save the plant. all opting to remain nameless but families are sharing their stories. a daughter tweeting how proud of her father. a wife sharing her husband's e-mail, please live well, i won't be home for a while. >> americans are leaving the
5:32 am
country. first chartered flight left friday morning, a bus on the way to tokyo worried about the uncertainty ahead. the focus on the nuclear reactor has overshadowed a humanitarian crisis that continues to unfold. the death toll now stands at more than 6,000, more than 10,000 are still missing. some evacuation centers are still waiting for supplies a week after the earthquake hit. in addition to the 300 men that have been working around the clock to save the plant, we learned that 130 tokyo firefighters who volunteered to help with the mission. chief telling the firefighters we expect a lot of difficulties with the mission, but the reputation of japan and the lives of so many people rest on your actions. radioactive particles from japan's reactors will finish
5:33 am
their journey to california today. u.c. researchers say they are detecting a small amount of fallout. janelle, they are saying don't worry, though? >> you have nothing to worry about and there is conflicting information. federal government has radiation monitors all over california and they have not detected anything yet. but nuclear engineers at u.c. berkeley says theirs has. despite the radiation monitors on top of the building there have been traces of radiation particles, like iodine and barium but they say it's barely detectable. state and federal officials say the radiation from japan will reach california today, but at such small levels it will pose no harmful effects. any radiation that might make it here would be lower than what people are already exposed to in
5:34 am
their daily lives. >> it's much less than a regular plane flight, if you go to the clinic and have an x-ray, that is much higher radiation you would be exposed to. >> reporter: california has 12 radiation detectors scattered around the state including one.... >> dozens of people in san jose gathered for a vigil of the earthquake in japan. ♪ >> this took place in front of the san jose buddhist temple. they organized the event after receiving numerous calls from community members asking how they could help. >> an opportunity for people to start healing, to start connecting and really think of ways that they can start helping the tragedy and the victims in japan. >> donations were collected at
5:35 am
the event and hundred percent of the proceeds will go toward earthquake relief effort. >> many people are desperately trying to get out of japan. those arriving at sfo say how difficult was to find a flight. he had to fly out of osaka, a 7-hour drive and she says the immigration officers were harder to deal with. >> immigration area was jam packed with people who were leaving because they didn't have the proper identification to get out of the country. >> passengers and planes had been scanned for radiation at sfo but no abnormal levels have been detected. >> and it could be tough with our weather. >> for those flights that make it it will be bouncy. >> 88-minute flight delays and heaviest rain hasn't made it here yet. they are still in northern
5:36 am
california but you can see the showers developing, even a few claps of thunder around the bay area. stronger storm right now, you saw from larkspur all over to san pablo where we're dealing with heavy rain, moderate rain. temperatures running 4-15 degrees warmer. by 8:00, we'll still have temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s, notice the stronger storms, a line of them moving into the north bay, scout showers out ahead of the initial line. watch the line move into the heart of the bay area with temperatures in the mid-50s and then by about 1:00 or 2:00, move into the south bay, by 4:00, moving out of the south bay and heading toward the monterey bay. temperatures at 4:00, will be in the low 50s. we'll have scattered showers tonight and on-and-off showers tomorrow and a stronger storm with even more rain for sunday. i've got rain in the forecast all the way through thursday. let's find out how it's
5:37 am
affecting traffic. >> chp has issued a heavy rain advisory right now in the santa cruz mountains. they are asking commuters to drive slowly. signs are activated through the area. let's get a check of our drive times. it's been quiet through the altamont pass, less than 20 minutes. 13 minutes to make your way out of antioch on westbound 4 towards concord. you will find road work on eastbound 4 at railroad, couple lanes of blocked until 7:00 this morning. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are not on yet. no delays through the toll plaza and heading into san francisco. >> it's 5:37. >> tensions continue to rise in libya as the u.n. approves measures to prevent muammar khadafy's forces in mounting air strikes. @ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning, live picture of the golden gate bridge, headlights heading in into san francisco, the deck is wet. we've got rain coming down in the bay area. how much, what is the heaviest period of the rain. we'll check in with mike, n just a moment. >> libya has closed the airspace to all traffic. it comes after united nations security council voted to impose a no-fly zone. it authorizes u.n. forces to use all necessary measures to protect actively civilians from air attacks. it's after reports that khadafy
5:41 am
forces is bombing a town. state lawmakers will return on monday to work on california's budget again. state senate and assembly passed the main budget bill. over the passed few days they passed bills that would cut some billion from the budget to help bridge the state's $26 billion deficit. but, lawmakers did not address governor brown's bill to get rid of all the state redevelopment agencies or to put a tax extension before voters in a special election. >> the house has voted to cut federal funding for national public radio. a. >> the republican party says they are in touch. they understand where the american people are. they are not concerned about jobs or economy or what is going on around the world. they are staying, get rid of
5:42 am
click and collaborating. kudos to you. >> democrats called the move an attack that would deprive local stations programs. republicans said it made good fiscal sense because the organization can stand on its own two feet. they received nearly $5 million in federal funding last year. the prospects for support in the democratically controlled senate are slim. tension in libya driving crude oil prices even higher and general motors puts the brakes on production because of a shortage in japan. >> japanese exchange students get ready to leave the safety of the bay area for the unknown back home. >> runners, listen up, a major announcement concerning the bay to breakers. th
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look at the california forecast, valley rain, mountain snow, 57 in sacramento. sunshine and warm weather, l.a.
5:46 am
70, palm springs 78. sierra, latest on the winter storm warning now begins at 1:00 through 5:00 tomorrow morning. it would be best if you drove up tomorrow, we could get three feet of snow above 7,000 feet. >> here is the latest on japan, the world health organization just said minutes ago, tokyo's radiation levels is increasing but still not a health risk and no reason to ban travel to japan. japanese government acknowledged it was overwhelmed by the scale of last week's earthquake and tsunami slowing the response to the nuclear crisis. meantime, japan has taken a rare step and called on the u.s. military to help prevent a meltdown at fukushima daiichi plant. the prime minister called on the entire nation to unite. japan's nuclear safety agency raised the severity level from a
5:47 am
four to five on a seven level scale. and new counts, show that more than 16,000 people is confirmed dead or missing since the quake and tsunami hit a week ago. >> a group of eighth grade students visiting the bay area from japan will return home today bringing with them the memories of the brief visit to america and much needed supplies. lisa amin gulezian has our story. >> reporter: what can be more american than bowling, as the host families in livermore want the visiting students from japan to leave with. everyone knows that these eighth graders are returning to the unknown. they are from a city roughly 200 miles from the leaking nuclear power plant. >> i just want to ensure they are safe. >> reporter: the group of 20 left japan saturday, one day
5:48 am
after the tsunami and earthquake. their parents specifically asked their host families to limit how much information these students had access to. >> we've been warning them about electricity possible disruption in transportation. we really haven't talked about the nuclear plant. >> reporter: which is on top of the meintdz of most. would you rather stay in the u.s.? >> sure, i would like to stay here. >> reporter: problems with rolling blackouts and food shortages are just about everywhere, but now help is coming. the drive started when an exchange student got a letter from his mom in japan to make sure to pack, bread and batteries as possible. >> to do anything we can. basically if they need food, we want to bring food. >> reporter: each student will
5:49 am
take home with a box full of supplies hoping that it will bring comfort to families on both sides of the world. an update on a story we brought you earlier this week, in san francisco, we've learned a school fund-raiser has brought in $22,000 to help with relief efforts in japan. earlier this week, we introduced out to students and parents of the elementary school. they put on a community event that included a potluck program and they organized the event in just five days. 100% of the money raised is going to the northern japan earthquake fund. if you want to donate, we have a full list of organizations at 5:had the. we've been talking about the -- 5:49. >> we want to talk about how determined.
5:50 am
i saw a gentleman jogging on the embarcadero. >> i'm not a runner but i really like that. >> here is a look at the embarcadero, and heavier rains farther to the south. if you can find an embarcadero around the redwood city, it's raining there right now. let's take a look at live doppler, heavier rain moving through half moon bay right along 92. redwood at this time, palo alto, filling the bay and heading into the east bay valleys from oakland all the way down to fremont and newark. scattered showers is across the north bay, and it's heading toward vacaville. santa cruz mountains where the chp is putting up heavy rain advisories, pretty healthy cells moving through the area. biggest push still to the north and moving down to ukiah.
5:51 am
upper 40s, fairfield and los gatos, rest of us mild, in the low 50s. a lot to talk about. rainy, breezy today, isolated thunder, on-and-off showers with small hail and high mountain snows. stronger storms will move in sunday. here is today's temperatures, mid to upper 50s where the rain will hit first. rain will hit the monterey bay probably in the afternoon and into the evening hours with low to mid-50s as you head inland. on-and-off showers tonight. mid to upper 60s cloverdale and santa rosa the cool spots. very powerful system coming our way with a lot of moisture and a lot of wind this afternoon. here we are at 7:00, the strongest of the storms moving through mendocino moving into the north bay toward the end of the morning commute, moving through the heart of the bay around lunch hour, moving out of
5:52 am
the south bay by about three to 4:00 o'clock. you see the colder air around it as snow develops while the rest of us is dealing with bouts of moderate rain, overnight hours and in to tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, a small window opens where the showers will be less. then they start to build again through sunday morning. look at the storm system, orange, that is pretty healthy pudge of weather through midafternoon in the bay area. check out the rainfall amounts. very impressive, one to two inches around the bay, up to an inch in the south bay, up to three inches in the mountains. we'll kick up high surf to 3:00 to can the tomorrow evening. 14-17-foot swells and stronger storm is sunday. we'll have a better chance of flooding on sunday. there is still more rain in the forecast, temperatures cooler
5:53 am
than average, monday through thursday. we got word of a new spinout near the san mateo bridge, it's in the center divide. here is a live look at the san mateo bridge. traffic is moving nicely in both directions. here is a live look at san rafael, 101, taillights are moving southbound, drive time right now from 37 to 580 about ten minutes. live look in walnut creek at 680. these tal lights are moving southbound, no delays heading into the san ramon valley. bay bridge toll plaza, nice ride into san francisco. fasten your seat belts. gas prices may be going up again.
5:54 am
>> good morning. fighting in libya and the united nations to deal with the situation, sending crude oil futures higher and that could push gas prices up, too. and after the growing season, prices, as well. analysts at bloomberg surging prices of corn. that could drive beef prices up. and get ready to shell out more for diapers, kimberly clashing is hiking prices as much as 7% and potty training may not save you much money as before. paper prices may also go up. and nike planning on raising prices. part shortage in japan, general motors is putting the brakes on production. halting assembly lines in japan because of the crisis in japan.
5:55 am
walt disney shutting down stores in tokyo. stocks rye rising partly on optimism workers might be able to contain radiation and investors watching g-7 meeting. agreeing that a big conference last night to intervene together in the currency markets for the first time in more than a decade to help stabilize the japanese yen. now, a follow-up to the story we mentioned a few weeks ago on stanford, possibly extend go to the east coast. stanford is proposing to build a engineering campus on roosevelt island just east of manhattan. the complex could cost a billion dollars, house up to 2200 students and offer full graduate degrees. new york mayor asked leading
5:56 am
institutions to submit ideas hoping to attract more tech firms. stanford's proposal would be stanford fortunate of new york city. very good news for the future of true san francisco institution. the bay to breakers race has found new sponsors. dazzle has agreed to sponsor the race for the next two years. race organizers had warned the race could be cancelled after the previous sponsor announced they may be pulling out because of concerns over alcohol and other issues. they have sold all 50,000 ticket for the race this year. just ahead, critical ruling that could deal a new blow to prosecutors in the barry bonds perjury trial. >> how the disaster in japan that is driving prices up3q
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headline, japanese officials raise the nuclear threat level as they continue a nonstop battle to cool overheating reactors. >> showers we talked about yesterday, here they are already this morning. i'll show you where


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